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I-CARE  Iowa Certified Auto Recyclers Environmental Program

Iowa Certified Automotive Recyclers Environmental Program

The Iowa Certified Automotive Recyclers Environmental (I-CARE) Program was established by the industry to set a standard of excellence for automotive recycling in Iowa.  The certification program is sponsored by the Iowa Automotive Recyclers association. All IAR members will be certified through the I-CARE Program. Every journey begins with a single step. Try Getting Started on I-CARE Certification to streamline the process. 

The certification program has established standards in four categories; 
  • environmental compliance and stewardship, 
  • occupational health and safety practices and 
  • licensing and regulatory requirements. 

Certification distinguishes member of the Iowa Automotive Recyclers association as professional recyclers adhering to the highest standards of excellence in the industry. 
The certification process is an intensive on-site audit and documentation of the practices at individual Iowa salvage yards. Salvage yards must be members in good standing to become certified. Certification is conducted by Sue Schauls, an independent auditor approved by the IAR Board. I-CARE Quik Facts Sheet for benefits at a glance.

Download the I-CARE Program Manual© here (copyrighted pdf - large file 2.4mb)
ARA CAR ProgramThe I-CARE Program has been reconciled with the Automotive Recyclers Association (ARA) Certified Automotive Recycler (CAR) program. Each of the ARA CAR program standards is either included in the I-CARE Program or incorporated into more stringent and specific Iowa standards. As an ARA CAR affiliate program I-CARE certification will allow IAR members to easily become ARA CAR certified without additional auditing or reporting efforts.
SAFETYPPEEye WashFire ExtinguisherFirst AidSpill CleanupAirbagForklift
ENVIROUsed OilAntifreezeFuelParts WashingParts CleaningRefrigerantBattery
TiresFloor DrySump SludgeUniversal WasteCut TorchSPCCStorm WaterOSHA300

Getting Started on I-CARE Certification
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Copies of these documents will be requested at the start of the I-CARE Certification Audit. We can gather them at the time of the visit or you can prepare a packet in advance. The copies will be inserted into your I-CARE Manual. The downloadable I-CARE Manual of standards becomes a site specific manual of environmental, health and safety practices at each facility at the conclusion of the I-CARE certification process. 
I-CARE Documentation -  Download this list
To complete the certification process photocopies of these items are needed:
1) Business Licenses
a. DOT Recyclers License
b. DOT Dealership License (if applicable)
c. Sales Tax Permit
d. Household Hazardous Material Permit (HHM)
2) Document showing proof of DOT training for airbag shipping certification. $99 training for ARA members. 
3) Document showing proof of forklift training certification. Free Airbag online training. 
4) Document showing proof of MAC certification for refrigerant removal.
5) Storm water permit verifying coverage from appropriate regulatory authority.
a.Storm water sample lab results. Sue can conduct sampling & testing.
6) Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP). Sue will develop if needed.
7) Three Sample Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS). COMING SOON new IAR MSDS Library.
8) Certificate for authorized disposal of parts cleaning solvents.
9) Cutting Torch Protocol for training. Download Cutting Torch Protocol & Download Employee Training Log.
10) TCLP Test Results for Waste Determination on used antifreeze, floor dry and/or sump sludge. Sue can conduct sampling & testing.

Your facility may not have all the documentation readily available. That's OK. The purpose of the I-CARE Certification Program is to assist you in compliance. Gather what you have and we will work together to complete all other areas of compliance. Or gather nothing and let the full service I-CARE Certification process work for you.

I-CARE Compliant File Organization - Download this list
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You may already have file folders with waste, license and sample data available. Your I-CARE Certification Manual will contain all of this information. If you want to also maintain file folders or to streamline the I-CARE certification process, prepare these file folders of data. Download Labels for file folders - print on Avery 5160 label stock (30 per page) or call Sue to have one sent to your facility.

Automotive Salvage Operations may maintain or prepare a file folder for each waste with corresponding documentation as to the disposal practice:

1)Used Oil
2)Used Fuel
3)Used Antifreeze
5)Waste Solvent
6)Waste Water
7)Tires Mercury Switches
8)Fluorescent Bulbs

Automotive Salvage Operations may maintain or prepare a Red binder for each safety issue with corresponding employee training documentation:

1)Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)  Download MSDS Information 
2)Cutting Torch Protocol       - Download Cutting Torch Protocol
3)DOT Airbag Shipping Certification      Free online training for ARA members
4)Forklift Operation Certification    Free Airbag online training
5)MAC Certification 
6)Employee Safety Training Logs  Download Employee Training Log

Iowa Automotive Salvage Operations may maintain or prepare a file folder for each applicable license or permit:

1)Household Hazardous Material (HHM) permit      Download HHM Information
2)Spill Prevention Control & Countermeasure
3)Storm Water Permit
4)Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan(SWPPP)
5)EPA Generator Status CESQG
6)Hazardous Waste Logs     Download Hazardous Waste Log for Salvage Yards

Automotive Salvage Operations may have in a corresponding file OR develop a file for:

1)Storm Water Sample Lab Results
2)Antifreeze Sample TCLP Lab Results
3)Floor Dry Sample TCLP Lab Results
4)Sump Sludge Sample TCLP Lab Results