Toyota and Honda place decals with a toll-free number 
on their hybrid battery packs to encourage and 
streamline recycling. Toyota offers a $200 bounty to 
ensure that every battery is ultimately recycled. 
Dismantling guides were developed to educate and assist dismantlers in the safe handling of hybrids.

First Responder
Those first at the scene of an accident involving a 
hybrid vehicle may be faced with electrical shock hazards not found at traditional car wrecks. Links to First Responder Guides are available.

Toyota has prepared dismantle & emergency response guides for hybrid vehicles. Toyota hybrid vehicle (HV) batteries are recyclable for the life of the vehicle. To encourage recovery and recycling efforts, each HV battery is labeled with instructions to contact a Toyota dealer or Customer Experience Center. Toyota has established specific procedures to ensure the recovery/shipping, safety precautions, and proper recycling of the HV battery. When a dealer receives a complete HV battery from any business entity (i.e., salvage yard), the dealer should pay a $150 recycle fee and then follow safe handling procedures as described in the applicable vehicle’s Emergency Response Guide, Vehicle Specific Repair Manual or Dismantling Manual. Download the Guide to Toyota HV Batteries Disposition.
Exit to Toyotas's Website to view and download the information----->
Emergency responder training material is also available at the Toyota TIS website.

Toyota/Lexus Hybrid Dismantling Manuals 
Guides were developed to educate and assist dismantlers in the safe handling of Toyota/Lexus Hybrid vehicles. Dismantling procedures are similar to other Toyota/Lexus vehicles with the exception of the high voltage electrical system. It is important to recognize and understand the high voltage electrical system features and specifications of Toyota/ Lexus hybrid vehicles.

Download Dismantle Guide for (pdf format)
Toyota Prius
Toyota Higlander HV
Toyota RX400h

Hybrid Emergency Responder Training 
The hybrid safety training presentation was developed as a resource to train emergency responders on the safe operation of hybrid vehicles. The first link provides the ability to view the presentation, while the second link is a zip file that contains the presentation that can be played from a local system, along with Instructor Notes and a Student Handout.
>>View Emergency Response Presentation
>>Download Emergency Response Presentation and Teaching Materials

General Motors (GM) Product Life Cycle website has an extensive library of GM vehicles dismantle procedures. 
Exit to GM's Website to view and download the information ----->

The End of Life Vehicle information for Recycle My Battery has GM hybrid vehicle information.
GM hybrid vehicles contain a new intermediate voltage (IV) or high voltage (HV) battery pack. It is important to understand that these new “IV/HV” batteries can be recycled. Recycling of batteries conserves natural resources since metals within the batteries can be recycled. Download GM Recycle My Battery Guide (pdf format) 

Step-by-step instructions for GM Hybrid Battery recycling are available online at the GM website ------>

GM Service Technical College for First Responders including Emergency Responder Training information on GM hybrid vehicles and airbag pretensioners. These guides are intended to help apply existing knowledge of performing extrications safely when responding to a GM vehicle involved in an emergency situation, and are for informational purposes only.
>> View GM First Responder website

FORD Hybrid Emergency Response Guides 
Emergency Response Guide for Escap and Mariner -- Download in pdf format
Emergency Response Guide for 2010 Fusion and Milan -- Download in pdf format

Honda Hybrid Emergency Response Guides
Emergency Response Guide for Accord -- Download in pdf format
Emergency Response Guide for Civic -- Download in pdf format
Emergency Response Guide for Insight -- Download in pdf format

Volvo This comprehensive dismantling guide is not for hybrid vehicles but does a nice job of defining all aspects of the dismantling process with great graphics and a complete discussion of waste disposal.
Volvo Truck Dismantling Procedures

Hybrid Guides for all makes of hybrid vehicles 
Hybrid Vehicle Emergency Responder Guides

List of hybrid cars 
Hybrid Vehicle Dismantle & Emergency Response

Storm Water
SDS Library
Hybrid Dismantle

Hybrid Vehicle Battery Recycling & Dismantling Procedures
Hybrid vehicle batteries are designed to last for the life of the car, although warranties are offered for only 8-10 years. Hybrid batteries will need management and disposal or recycling due to wrecked vehicles and as vehicles reach the end of their useful life. Some automakers have prepared dismantling procedures for a handful of models on the market for use by the auto salvage industry and first responder material for safety at the scene of an accident involving a hybrid vehicle. Scroll down to view those guides

The ARA Technical Advisory Committee is currently developing a Hybrid Electric Vehicle Dismantling Guide with model specific modules to assist automotive recyclers is understanding and dismantling an HEV safely.

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